The Princess Welder

I just got back from my friend, Max’s shop where I stopped for a quick visit after my trip to the Mercado and Post Office.

Max’s truck driving friend, Juan was there and he told a story about a buddy of his who is living up in Indiana and how this guy was teaching his young daughter how to weld.

Not your usual father daughter activity

He fired up Facebook and showed photos and videos of this big badass scary looking Mexican dude and his cute 7 year old daughter decked out in protective gear welding steel together.

I’m thinking, “Right on!”

This dad loves his daughter so much that he’s absolutely going to make sure that his kid is going to have the life skills necessary to take care of herself.

I used to work construction. I even took a welding class once upon a time. And I firmly believe that the welding trade is a much overlooked profession. F*** college, especially if you’re going to have to go into some serious debt to finance it. And there are so many worthless degrees out there that will never pay more than $50K per year and if you’re carrying debt with that, you’re not just stupid but screwed too.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the trades. And what a ballsy dude this father is to take his daughter under his loving arm and teach her a valuable skill like welding. That child will never starve I guarantee. And if she gets good at it, she’s easily looking at $100K a year.

Someone asked, “Do you suppose she’s any good?”

I laughingly replied, “Well if she isn’t a great welder now, I reckon she will be in another year when she’s 8.”

Who says women aren’t empowered?

PS – Daughters properly raised love to please. And being the father of a daughter myself I can just see how this might have played out.

“Sweetheart, do you want to spend some time together?”

“Yes, dad.”

“Do you want to learn something new?”

“Yes, dad.”

And that’s how I bet it started.

Little kids only know if something is bad if you tell them it’s bad. Properly presented, pushing a molten puddle of steel around is just totally cool. And getting a little dirty is okay because it’s just like dad.

You can’t tell me this little girl doesn’t positively idolize her father. Or him, her.

She’s very adorable (and stick welds too!)

And cheers to that.


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