Sayula – The Latest Convergence

I experienced a small but decidedly noticeable shift in reality perception these past few days. And one of the reasons for this was due to the total submersion in an new environment which I didn’t poison by diluting the experience with contextually irrelevant nonrealities like world news or American politics. When my hotel – La… Continue reading Sayula – The Latest Convergence

Sayula Las Animas

Amazingly on this trip I discovered a secret. I discovered what appears to be the reason or idea behind las animas, the spirits. Interestingly enough the spirits are not the product of catholic syncretism nor are they necessarily the product of pre-Hispanic culture (although las animas quite probably existed then). And the spirits are not… Continue reading Sayula Las Animas

Sayula, there and back.

I was preparing to leave Sayula the next day and what should happen? Another convergence. So, when my existing hotel (the rotten bastards) reneged on their dinner promise I was then put in the position to look elsewhere; or starve. (You know travelers are disproportionately hungry to other folks.) So while I was inconvenienced I… Continue reading Sayula, there and back.