The Eagle

I really don’t know what the hell kind of bird it was. It wasn’t a crested caracara (local). Nor was it an aplomado falcon (also local). But it definitely was one giant ass bird of prey.  My neighbor called it an eagle. It certainly was big enough, inappropriately located as it was this morning perched on the balcony across the street.

I got home from my run seeing all the neighbors standing out in the middle of the street – which was roped off – with two cops directing traffic at the corner.

My eye followed the trail of a ladder, to a balcony, where there was the hardware store guy (Felipe) trying to grab a giant, pissed off looking eagle who didn’t want to be caught.

What I heard was someone was feeding this bird (I am assuming in a cage). The bird got out and managed the short flight to the balcony across the street to where it was subsequently recaptured and re-incarcerated.

I look forward to hearing the rest of the story to find out which megalomaniacal neighbor of mine it is who pretends to keep an eagle sized bird of prey as a pet on display in his house.

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