Intel Turnaround?

I just published another comment to the EETimes. The article, ‘Swan’s Mission: Turn Around Battleship Intel.’

“The analysts cited in this article – McGregor, Moorhead, Krewell – I am guessing are all business guys. And the argument is – because the business of Intel is ostensibly business, then of course a business guy (Swan) is hired to make business decisions.

Okay, I get it now.”

PS – Intel’s last two CEO’s – both in my opinion, less than stellar – were MBA types. I personally subscribe to the idea that Intel’s CEO should first and foremost be a supreme technocrat (like the founders), thinking if you don’t understand the technology, then how can you understand and manage the business? That said, the article mentioned above tried to build a case for the new CEO; that a business guy was just what the business needed.

PPS – AMD’s new CEO is not an MBA. No. She’s a BSEE, MS, and PhDEE. And all three engineering degrees are from MIT.

Business guys. When your only tool is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail.

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