Will headless Intel woo AMD’s Lisa Su?

My comment to the EETimes article, ‘Will headless Intel woo AMD’s Lisa Su?’

“A wonderful article – thank you! I read this practically sitting on the edge of my seat. And the answer to the question, ‘Will headless Intel woo AMD’s Lisa Su?’ The answer is most probably no, because as someone you quoted in your article said – and I paraphrase – [with Intel] it’s a culture issue.

I worked for Intel as an electrical engineer back when Andy Grove, then Craig Barrett were CEOs. And the ‘bad guy’ chairing AMD was Jerry Sanders. And as you pointed out in your article, Intel has slipped behind before; and I remember a couple of those slips.

What made your article so interesting was that you not just spoke to these recent slips (ex. Intel’s problems getting to 7nm) but also to the increasingly competitive and complex CPU/GPU/AI market that exists today in ’19.

Intel’s core competency has always been manufacturing. Is that still true? I’d say, yes. Just when the naysayers think they’re falling behind, Intel has always managed to pull a baby bunny out of the hat. Can they do it this time? I don’t know. I see Intel’s culture as both an advantage and disadvantage for them.

Intel needs to find their next Noyce, Moore, or Grove. All three of those CEOs were engineer/scientist/innovators first, businessmen second.

Intel’s last CEOs? Otellini – MBA. Brian M. Krzanich – BA. In my humble opinion, business degrees make a poor fit for technology leadership roles.

Lisa Su of AMD: BSEE, MS and PhDEE (with an emphasis in silicon based research). She definitely has the technology chops to lead a technology company.

So while I don’t think Intel needs or specifically wants Lisa Su; they need someone like her.”

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