Hindu Science Fiction

I was up on the roof this morning in my hammock re-reading John Burdett’s wildly entertaining novel Bangkok 8 when I came across a most original and highly descriptive expression, ‘Hindu science fiction’. And as some words and phrases are wont to do, I was transfixed.

The word, ameliorate likewise captures my imagination. As do galvanize. And sublimate. To name a short few.

Just the other day I was reading somewhere that ‘magic was pre-industrial’; the idea of which made me pause.

How is it language and the power of words [aptly applied] can generate such an overwhelming awareness of condition?

Hinduism  – with its pantheon of colorful deities –  coupled with my imagined notion of science fiction belies an audacious breadth of inhuman scope creating a dazzling number of presently unforeseen possibilities.

The idea of  ‘Hindu science fiction’ seems synonymous with an irrationality so cosmic as to be scarily funny.

I perversely must find a way to work the phrase into conversation.

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