There is War

My most recent comment to the EETimes.

The article – U.S. vs. Huawei: ‘There Will Be A War’.

As a former principal engineer for an American tech giant once stationed in Asia I thought I would respond to your most worthy article with a couple of comments.

First, what you call muddled, as in muddled message, which ‘inadvertently typifies the West’s schizophrenia on China’ is in my opinion one of those standard editorialized views as filtered and propagated by either a politically charged or (worse) an unenlightened press.

Which leads me to my second comment – where as you say, ‘the Chinese business community worries most about the inconsistent trade policies imposed by the current U.S. administration’, should be contrasted with the view that there really is no inconsistency inasmuch as the present US administration appears resolute in waging what they unabashedly call economic war on China.

Lastly, it appears (to just about anyone paying even the slightest bit attention) that Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s CFO, is being played as a pawn in a much greater game.

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