Separating AI Hype From Reality

Nitin Dahad, a European correspondent for Electronic Engineering Times wrote a very informative and reality based article on the current state of artificial intelligence which was published 2 days ago.

My comment, which follows below, was published today.

I enjoyed your article very much, thank you. Your pragmatic reporting goes along way to shed some realistic light on yet another, end of the world as we know it, doomsday technology.

Present day AI appears to be no more than algorithms mining data, capturing patterns; the likes of which are deterministic. And deterministic systems (from my understanding) are bounded, in that system output parameters are determined by the system input parameters. If true, then I think it is safe to imagine any/all algorithmically derived consciousness to remain yet a future Turing problem.

But I guess it’s the hype (not the reality) that sells the most media time.

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