Bone Broth

I visited my butcher this morning and bought some very nice beef shanks and a couple of kilos of bones.

I seared the shanks in some olive oil and when done, extracted the marrow which I then smeared on toast with a little salt as an appetizer. Next, I filled my largest stockpot with water, added the shanks and the extra bones and turned the heat on low.

[It’s now been four and a half hours and I am going to have to pull the pot off the fire in the next 30 minutes or so because I need that pot to cook dinner in.]

I’ll let the broth cool before freezing it into small portions for reuse over the next couple of weeks. If this exercise is successful, then the operation is eminently repeatable as my butcher is a short 3 block walk away.

Bone broth. My first time, ever. The attraction is the collagen and other nutrients. My left knee has been tightening up these past few weeks – why, I don’t know – and the idea has been worrying at me that maybe I am not getting enough collagen in my diet.

I don’t buy, cook, or eat much meat these days. And when I do it appears that the broths and the glutinous connective tissue reductions have been absent. I’ve been buying an occasional steak every two, three weeks but it recently occurred to me – apart from the necessary iron and complete amino acids – that I’ve been missing all that other important stuff.

I used to boil the occasional chicken for both the meat and the stock but for whatever reason that has fallen out of favor with me these past couple of years or so. Lazy maybe, too damn much prep and cleanup.

Time to rethink all that.

PS – I just tasted it and it is delicious. Hearty beef bone broth.

(And it sure perfumes the house pretty too.)

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