Nov. 9th – Sauerkraut II

Yesterday afternoon I put (up/down?) 3 liters of what appears to be a pretty awesome looking sauerkraut. But I knew I wasn’t done. That was the experimental – get some skin in the game – batch; a prelude towards filling up my large 10 liter glass jug.

I went to the market late this morning and bought another 6 heads of cabbage. I then did all the prep work of cleaning and washing everything: the 10 liter jug, the mixing pot, etc.

I then prepped the veggies, first by removing all the detritus from the cabbage. Then mincing and slicing the flavor adder veggies.

The parts and pieces:

  • 6 small/medium heads of cabbage
  • 1 small red onion
  • 2 long skinny pieces of fresh turmeric root
  • 2 large chilies
  • 2 medium carrots

The environmentals are the same today as they were yesterday.

The work today (3 hrs) was double yesterday. Yet the end product was a scant 5 liters; only half the vessel was filled. (6 cabbage for only half!)

However, I’ve now got a total of 8 liters of sauerkraut kicked off, with two different flavor profiles.

We’ll see…

PS – The sky tonight produced some interesting clouds with a fierce edge of colors.

Looking west from my rooftop garden



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