Leftovers for Lunch

I had to write this down, least this simple wonderful meal be forgotten.

I had a few things leftover from yesterday and the day before. A couple assorted pieces of steamed vegetables: a small onion, some chili, a bit of eggplant, a partial carrot and a single potato.

How to combine and reheat them briefly posed a challenge. I decided to use a small saucepan to which I added a couple of fat tablespoons of the fresh, locally made unpasteurized cream, then some capers, and to finally a small chunk of longaniza which I crumbled into the viscous white goo.

I diced the potato, added the rest and heated it all up. 10 minutes later I was rewarded with some very tasty veggies in a rich red sauce (the longaniza) made piquant by the chilies and capers.



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