Incremental Progress

Or in the immortal words of Ovid, “Add a little to a little and you shall have a great pile.”

Yesterday I solved a most pernicious water leak problem (2nd floor toilet in my workshop). Today I fixed a nagging Windows 10 ‘audio device not found’ problem on my new 8″ tablet.

The defining moment for this new mission appeared whilst having a conversation this morning with an old buddy up in Marquette. He not so subtlety asked to my health, and oh, how was my running going? And then, asked about my personal drink management program after suddenly confessing to having imbibed too much wine this past weekend.

It’s somewhat shameful, but like with most old friends we can sometimes read each other like a book. And sadly I could tell he was rather hoping that he’d hear some bad news from me if only to make himself feel better.

I first told him to forgive himself about drinking a little bit too much wine. It was just wine after all. And then told him about my new incremental progress routine where I just want to improve or fix one tiny little thing in my life per day. A method that I also reckoned to be useful as applied to both my fitness and my diet. Simply put, hold the line. One plate of food per meal. A handful of drinks a day. And some modest exercise.

The goal is not to compete (like chase a six-pack of abs or anything else as supremely moronically stupid) – too damned old for that – but just to satisfactorily hold the line. To endure, hang on and fight to stand straight and tall to the very end.

That’s good enough for me. And to be thankful about each and ever last little thing. (That’s the real kicker.)

PS – I cleaned out a shelf in an all but empty cupboard the other day and felt pretty damn good about that. I was surprised that so much happiness could come from so little effort. Extrapolating that 15 minutes of daily work  across the narrow spectrum of my life gives rise to the promise of a very streamlined, healthy and happy existence.

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