Surviving a Life of Plenty

For the first time in history, even the poor people are fat. There appears to be such a glut of cheap abundant non-nutritious calories in most parts of the post-industrialized world that for these past few couple of decades even shopping bag people can supersize themselves stupidly big.

I am planning a trip to the American Pacific Northwest next month and I was watching a video on the Alaskan bush and there was a fellow in his forties cooking up a nice meal over an open fire and I couldn’t help but uncomfortably notice that even he was fat.

And I am thinking, hey it’s high time we as a culture and civilization need to put the breaks on our consumption. The big bellies and fat ankles have got to go. It’s sloppy. It’s ugly and no matter how hard anyone tries, you can’t dress up fat.

I seriously don’t care if your video does make you out to be some savvy wilderness survival guy. Both you know and I know that the probability of you lugging that extra 80 pounds of excess body weight for any appreciable distance is exceedingly low. And please know, you lose a lot of your credibility when you’re busting out of those size 44 trousers and your manly hacked off arm sleeves reveal more fatty mass than muscle mass.

And hey, fat chick. Instead of getting yet another tattoo, why not demonstrate the power of your individuality by dropping a few pounds which might be as easy as saying no to pounding down those last couple of seriously tasty microbrews every night with your equally fat asexual friends.

Let’s get back in control, people. This unattractive life of plenty just has to stop.

PS – All levity aside. For many years (30?) I’ve subscribed to Trevanian’s entreaty to [always] ‘leave a little’. Leave a party before it becomes stale. Leave a little leftover on your dinner plate. And always say no to that last drink.

One Ortalan or two?

Need ask?

Self control [always] wins the day.



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