14 Mistakes of Your life You Don’t Realize Until You’re Old

This particular YouTube video got 1400 Thumbs Up and only 196 Thumbs Down so it seems the majority of its viewers agreed with the list.

I decided to watch it to see how my life choices and subsequent mistakes played into the list. Here they are, with my own comments and personal scores. 0 -10, 0 being perfect and 10 being worst.

1. Not traveling the world while you could – 0. Not to boast, but I’ve only known 3 people who have had the privilege to travel more than myself. 55 countries, 6 continents, crossed the Pacific a resounding 46 times, and walked the sublimely beautiful Inca Trail twice.

2. Skipping gym and neglecting physical fitness – 0. I still run at the age of 62.

3. Not quitting a terrible job – 0. I quit a very well paying job in Washington, DC over the phone and gave a 20 minute notice to another well paying job in Texas many years ago. So I think it is safe to say that I’ve never (ever) committed to any bad job.

4. Always worrying about what others think – 0. This one is subjective and not worth a comment.

5. Letting jealousy have power over you – 0. Also subjective and not worth a comment.

6. Confining yourself to defined gender roles – 0.

7. Living someone else’s dream – 0.

8. Not trying harder at school – 0. I’ve got an engineering degree from a great state school and did well enough in the program to graduate towards the top of my class and earn admission to the National Engineering Honor Society (Tau Beta Pi).

9. Holding yourself back due to society and cultural norms – 0. I grew up as an under-advantaged poor kid who told everyone who told me I would never make anything of myself to fuck off.

10. Not being grateful enough  – 0. I am plenty grateful my friend and I thank God every morning for the wonderful, challenging, and vastly amusing life He’s given me.

11. Not spending enough time with your family and friends – 0. I see everyone (but one) just enough. The one I don’t see enough (my daughter) is only because I love her and respect her too much to crowd her life.

12. Holding grudges with people, especially your loved ones – 0. I don’t consider this one a life mistake as the couple of people out there that I’d still like to murder are only kept alive by the grace of the law of the land.

13. Staying in a bad relationship – 0.

14. Not taking the time to learn something new when you could – 0. Then and now, my entire life has been built around learning new things. The many jobs I’ve quit in my life, the numerous relocations, and the certain people I’ve given up on in life I think all certainly attest to the desire to learn and constantly progress.

PS – So I find it interesting that I can honestly give myself a big fat zero for all this noted life mistake business but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my regrets. I do believe I’ve covered many of those regrets of mine in earlier posts so I don’t consider it necessary to repeat them here.

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