La Gloria Cubana Inmensos

I just finished a very wonderful cigar. It was from a limited production of 50,000 sticks from 2010. And the two that were gifted to me had spent the last 7 years aging in climate controlled wonderfulness all the way around the world in faraway Singapore.

6.5″ X 54 La Gloria Cubana Inmensos (La Casa del Habano 2010)

At the 1″ mark, there was a very nice smooth sweetness emerging. That deep, velvety luxurious smoothness is the trademark characteristic of a good Cuban cigar. (A good Cuban is justifiably a great cigar because of that characteristic.)

Midway, I hit a brief deadzone but slogged on for short bit before finding the cigar’s sweet spot.

Side story. At 5:45 my hummingbird returned to feed. He drank a bit more nectar than yesterday but followed routine by finishing up on my clothesline to scrape down his beak. He remembered from yesterday that the flowering plant object of his desire had been moved as I saw no hesitation when he flew straight to it.

The bottom third of the cigar was all luscious medium rare porterhouse. If it is a good cigar like this one than the last smokable inch is the best.  A poor or average cigar has turned harsh or bitter by the last inch. This one was rich in flavor carried by all of the drawn oils from the aged premium tobacco. The last inch was like eating the the meat closest to the bone.

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