Garcia y Garcia- My Father, The Judge

This grand robusto (5″ X 60) took an hour and twenty minutes to smoke. After finishing it I can truthfully say it is the first cigar I have ever smoked in my life that was too strong.


Yup, and as a rule I generally prefer short, fat, powerful cigars. But this one was way over the top. At the 1/2″ mark my lips were feeling numb. Seriously.

At the 1″ mark (25 minutes) the strength seemed to taper back a bit and some flavor began emerging. But this was to be short lived.

Side story. As I sat on the rooftop smoking, my hummingbird emerged and it took him only a couple of seconds to figure out that the flowering Aloe Vera he loved had been moved. I found it very pleasing to note as I watched him navigate from the old spot to the new that the tiny little buggers can think. He took a few sips before landing on the clothesline a few feet from my face to clean his bill on the line. Then an indignant chirp at me before flying off.

An hour later and halfway in to the cigar, the right top quadrant of my brain had lit up. It occurred to me not to think of it so much as a cigar anymore but more as a nicotine delivery system.

After I finished it I read Cigar Aficionado’s review online – in their top 10 of 2017 cigars – and quite frankly I didn’t see a single solitary flavor note that they talked about in their review. I only got pure unadulterated strength throughout with only a hint of an obscure flavor in the opening third.

It was not a disappointing smoke by any means. If anything it was nice to discover that I too have my limits.

PS – In my opinion a short cigar with this fat of a ring gauge should not be box pressed. It’s not pretty, the cigar looks and feels squat in the hand and the entire aesthetic is compromised.

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