It’s the Little Things

Example. A couple of days ago my Seiko wristwatch went dead. I asked a local doctor friend – a fellow connoisseur of right living – where I might go to get a new battery; skills and quality, not butchery.

He directed me to a place around the corner on my own block, hidden in plain sight.

I took my watch there. I chatted with a beautiful woman while he removed the back and replaced the battery.

Now here’s the kicker. After he replaced the battery, he set the time on the watch to the current value before handing it back to me.

Upon checking, the watch was not only set to the exact local time but he did it to where it was set so perfectly to when the second hand crossed the twelve marker the minute hand was squarely on top of the marker.

I noticed.

Yes, I noticed.

Three days later I still look at my watch and say to myself, ‘You sonofabitch’.

PS – I wonder if he knows (or ever thinks) sometimes someone like me has caught (aka appreciated) him in his fastidious attention to detail.

Magnificent bastard.


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