Luchadores Reposado Tequila

I have found another outstanding tequila from Arandas!


Behold, Luchadores Reposado, a most excellent tequila from the Arandas region of Jalisco. And it unsurprisingly tastes a lot like my single most favorite tequila in the world, Tapatio, which comes from Arandas as well.

The tequila is smooth and exceedingly fresh with just a hint of black pepper. I do believe the alcohol content of 38% as listed on the bottle is incorrect and I say that for two reasons. First, when you pour it, pearls form at the top and linger. For this characteristic to occur I am told the tequila must be pure and equal to or above 42%. Second, the tequila has an alcohol bite which isn’t present in 38% tequilas.

For whatever reason, tequilas from Arandas are hard to find here in town. It was merely by chance that I happened on maybe the only liquor store in town that sells this one.

Tapatio, which I reviewed in an earlier post, cannot be found here. I was lucky a few weeks ago to find a store that stocked it in the nearby beach town of Manzanillo.

Again, this Luchadores Reposado is an excellent tequila. And it is quite astounding that I was able to buy an earlier bottle last week and now these last two bottles (and the store’s last two bottles) for the ridiculously cheap price of 110 pesos (USD $5.50) each. Maybe that price is a mistake too. Tapatio, by comparison, costs 450 pesos per bottle. Herradura Blanco, the gold standard of purity and taste – by way of another comparison, costs 350 pesos per bottle.

I will not drink the second bottle until I can replace it and that’s hoping that the liquor store restocks this brand. Failing that, I will save that last bottle for a very special occasion. This is some fine, fine tequila my friends, no matter how mislabeled or mispriced.

PS – My one and only trip to Arandas was about 4 years ago coming back from León, Guanajuato. I tasted the Tapatio for the first time before quickly snapping up half a case to take home with me. That turned out to be a smart move because as I said, it’s impossible to find here.

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