Sausage and Kraut

We are easing into summer so I thought it best to harvest my big batch of sauerkraut a little early as I can no longer trust the temperature in my stairwell to stay conducive towards stable fermentation.

I transferred the crunchy, wonderfully fragrant and effervescent kraut to smaller glass jars before tucking them into my fridge.

Later in the afternoon I was in my hammock reading and my mind periodically wandered in the direction of dinner. I was already quite satiated having just finished a lovely lunch of steak with mushrooms and onions but meal planning is an important part of my life so I had to soldier on.

Short of grandma’s, probably the best meal I have ever had with sauerkraut was in Luxembourg a few years ago where my daughter, a friend, and myself had lunch at a regional Alsace restaurant and I ordered the pork hock with potatoes and sauerkraut. It was positively delicious although a tad on the heavy side with all that meat.

For dinner I wanted the flavor of pork but without the weight; the steak for lunch was sufficient carne for the day.

My mind drifted to savory bratwurst but sadly no one here makes it locally. A butcher 2 blocks down however makes a wonderful sausage called longaniza and while it is spiced similarly like chorizo it isn’t greasy the way he makes it using mostly lean pieces of pork.

I realized I hadn’t made my own frijoles in a while so I decided to cook up a big pot of pinto beans to go with everything.

So that was dinner last night. Beans, sausage and fresh sauerkraut.

Pretty damn tasty if I say so myself.


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