Mobile – What I Want

Every last electronic device I’ve owned in the past 8 years – save the wonderful Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit workstation I built bottoms up – has largely been a great disappointment. And that goes double for all my mobile devices.

Would somebody please explain to me how my beloved electronics industry could so betray our love by building devices where the single most important design element seems to have been planned obsolescence?

Why could we buy nicely spec’d laptops in 2005 for $600-1000 but now those same laptops cost at least double that and they are no longer capable of being upgraded?

And who asked those bastards at Google for their damned Chromebooks anyway? Yes, they are/were cheap but patently useless for anything other than internet access. Oh, you want to store all your photos, music, and whatnot on them? Sorry, they’ve only have 128Gb of storage. But please feel free (oh, sorry – pay) to save your data on one of Google’s cloud servers.

If you bought an Android phone or tablet in the last few years did you notice just how quickly it became an unsupported piece of obsolete trash?

I have been giving some thought to what I want in my next mobile device and I’ve pared it down to what appears to be the obvious. I want Microsoft (or someone) to make good on the promises provided by extreme miniaturization (think 10nm SoC) and other technologies like SSD M.2, 4G LTE, NFC, and USB 3.X to finally provide a cellular phone sized PC.

In November, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told the Australia Financial Review that Microsoft is working on the “ultimate mobile device,” admitting that the Redmond-based company “missed the mobile boom.”
No shit, Sherlock.

The message I want to deliver is this –

Dear Mr. Nadella: I want a mobile device that is both modular and interoperable with all my other devices. Modular, meaning I can re-image the OS at will (should it become corrupt or I desire another flavor or another version). And modular in that I can replace or otherwise upgrade all of its respective pieces including memory, storage, and battery. And interoperable, meaning the apps are all integrated and hence all able to work together and share data just like the Microsoft Offices apps. And the filesystem must be robust enough to work with other systems making the copying and exchanging of even the largest video files seamless.

PS – And lastly, the ‘ultimate mobile device’ needs not just to make phone calls but also is capable of attaching to all computer peripherals up to including the ability to drive multiple large home or office monitors.

And you know, Microsoft, this is your last chance before loyal fans like me dump you for one of those many available Linux distros out there. So you coming out with just another damned Windows phone is not an option this late in the game. You truly need to deliver on an ultimate mobile device just like your CEO said in November.


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