I am not much for the use of exclamation points. One per post, article or email should be a sufficient demonstration of surprise, indignation, exclamation, or otherwise enthusiasm. Using two exclamation points is hyperbole. And using two or more to punctuate a single sentence is just plain wrong.

Homemade sauerkraut demands at minimum double (triple) stars, presidential honors or at the very least – just a single exclamation point.

Why? Simply because fermentation of vegetables goes back to prehistory as a means to preserve food and preserve and create (yes, create) necessary nutrients for those long winter months. Fermented vegetables like cabbage in the form of sauerkraut has lots of good bacteria—particularly for our gut—which will improve digestion, and boost immunity.

Isn’t this lovely?

After I talked to my daughter on Wednesday, I went out and bought a big glass jar (9.2L), washed it, chopped up 3 heads of cabbage, and some chilies. Then worked all that stuff together with salt.

I am beside myself with joy and happiness at the results. I get up from time to time and wander around the jar, admiring the faint traces of gaseous bubbles with great pride.

I’d been planning for quite sometime to make my own sauerkraut but first had to source a large glass container which I successfully did about a week ago.

I’ve loved the taste of sour fermented cabbage since childhood and for me it ranks in the pantheon of great flavors along with soy and wasabi, laksa, cider vinegar barbecue sauce, kimchi, curry, and mustard.

PS – The best hotdogs and half-smokes in Washington, DC can be found on the corner of G St. and 12th NW on the west side of Chinatown. Make sure you order yours with mustard and sauerkraut as the only condiments. Or if you want to dine in head a few blocks north up to Ben’s Chili Bowl but make sure you order your half-smoke the same way. If you insist on getting the chili make sure you get it on the side.

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