Women in Technology

I just posted this comment to an EETimes article entitled ‘Conference Launched to Empower Women in Tech‘.

It seems to me if you want to ‘lift women to equal status’ in technology then you first have to get more women interested in technology and get more women into the field of technology.

And the questions I don’t see getting asked often enough are, ‘Why aren’t women as a general rule as interested in technology as men seem to be?’ And, ‘How do we get more women interested in technology?’

Everything else like conferences launched to empower women in technology seem secondary to the argument to ‘lift women to equal status’. It takes volume – raw numbers of new recruits – to affect a real basis for equality.

PS – I take this topic of women in technology more serious than most because I have some actual skin in the game. I am an engineer (BSEE) and my 28 year old daughter is a newly minted scientist (PhD Cellular Biology) whose post-doc work is going to be research into human hearing on the cellular level. How did she interested in science, math and technology? Hint – she was in a very small subset of 8 year old girls who got an Erector Set for her birthday.

(From a practical perspective, get both boys and girls hooked on the joys of learning cool stuff like science from an early age. Make science part of their early life and it will carry over into their adulthood as a lifestyle habit.)

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