Today Nov. 19, 2017

I got up at 6.45 and made coffee. Mexican dark roast beans using a single cup filter. I turned on my phone and immediately got a WhatsApp notification from Maria in Sayula asking me if I wanted to have a quick chat.

I called her and we talked till 8:10.

I shaved. Went to the rooftop at 8:30 am and fit up the hammock and finished reading Ripley’s Game by Patricia Highsmith. Then started American Psycho for the third time; chuckling to myself at what a great dialogist Brett Easton Ellis is. Brilliant.

Came down, put on a t-shirt and a pair of cargo shorts, stabbed my feet into a pair of leather sandals and walked over to the Mercado for some dried cranberries and a couple of avocados.

Started writing up my latest travel notes regarding Sayula (Sayula – The Convergence) but took a break midway to read an article in Nov. 2107 British GQ about the legendary French actor, Alain Delon.

I proceeded to download one of his films – 1969 La Piscine – with the major babe, Romy Schneider and the scene stealer, a young Jane Birkin.

I went back to writing, Sayula – The Convergence and stuck with it until cocktail hour. Then fired up the film, La Piscine, groaning over the French noveau non-plotness of it but grooving on the loveliness of both female star/starlets.

Had a couple of cocktails, made dinner. All in all a great night.

Cheers to another day in my tiny little life.

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