Sayula, there and back.

I was preparing to leave Sayula the next day and what should happen?

Another convergence.

So, when my existing hotel (the rotten bastards) reneged on their dinner promise I was then put in the position to look elsewhere; or starve. (You know travelers are disproportionately hungry to other folks.)

So while I was inconvenienced I laughed. The lies. All the shameless lies.

This was a hotel boasting 4 stars, and while pretty, it was most seriously deficit in the amenities department.

‘Oh, you want to take a hot shower in your room?’

‘And you want water pressure with that?’ Squinty, furrowed brow, for the pretend, the I could give a shit class of future hoteliers.

‘Oh, I see.’ Downcast look, clouds straying across an otherwise clear sky. ‘Oh, yes! We can give you a Jacuzzi if that’s what you want.’ Hidden smile.

‘Is that it?’ Smile.

You grimace and reply, ‘No, just hot water. A shower.’

It seems that a Jacuzzi can be delivered but somehow the simple shower you requested is impossible.

‘Disappointed padron? Oh, I am too.’ Moist eyes. ‘ I would love to deliver the quality of services you paid for except,’ sigh, tears, ‘Well this is Mexico and we are trying as hard as we possibly can to make you happy but sometimes bad things happen.’ All that with an eyebrow shrug and puppy eyes.

I am thinking, ‘If I can’t shower or I can’t shave then I think it’s only fair you give up a body part.’

I am fidgeting with the knife in my pocket. Murder. It really is justifiable.

What if?

So if I don’t have hot water to shower with then what say you we miss you a lung?

Or a kidney?

I shift the knife to get a better purchase, then smile. He smiles shyly back in return.

I smile for the last time thinking his tears and regrets could soon be only a memory.



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