Lunch, Improvised

I had a few things on hand. Some potatoes. An avocado. Some eggs and a couple of onions.

I thought about sauteing the onions to go with the potatoes and avocado. Then it seemed to me that some nice fresh cream would work nicely with it all. Why is that heavy cream brings out the best flavor in just about everything?

The sauteed onions made me think about fresh chicken liver. I walked over to the Mercado and bought a nice big jar of fresh cream for 15 pesos (USD $0.75) and I picked up a pound of fresh chicken liver for 4 pesos (USD $ 0.20).

I started the onions browning, then folded in the chicken liver and added some sea salt. When they were done I deglazed the pan with some red wine. Added some cream, some diced habanero chili, and had it all over some new potatoes with some slices of avocado on the side.

Very rich. Very tasty. It cost pennies and I even have leftovers.

PS – I rarely do liver. But it is a flavor – that along with fried onions – that I crave from time to time. It is a vestige from my childhood. A flavor of poor times that started in grandma’s kitchen. Dress it all up in some cream and red wine and the flavor becomes fat and decadent in richness.


PPS – Some street stands down here do sliced beef liver tacos. I am not kidding. Grilled slices of beef liver served up with the usual cilantro, onion, and chilies with a squeeze of lime. Tasty. But my way is better.

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