On Saturday I went with my friend and neighbor, Max up to the pretty little puebla, Mazamitla for the day.

Mazamitla terracotta roof tiles

The town is very obligingly picturesque. The rooftops of Mazamitla reminds me of those in Siena, Italy while the balconies that surround the plaza look very similar to those I’ve seen in Peru. Sitting in the forest at 2000 meters the town has remarkably clean air with bright blue skies.



Cathedral spires

The church is interesting because it hasn’t the typical bare stone facade but instead it is painted a creamy white trimmed with red piping which reminds me of a giant wedding cake.

We were sitting in the plaza people watching when an old friend of Max happened by and invited us to his home which was just a block around the corner.

Jorge’s house – the living area
Exposed timber header


Every room leading off from the living area had exposed timber headers. I was not surprised to learn that a famous architect from Guadalajara designed the house back in the early ’50s.

Duck bric a brac

Even the most stately of Mexican homes seem to harbor an assortment of kitsch. Here we have the cheesy flying ducks. These spoke to me because I believe my parents had similar back in the ’60s.

A person doesn’t have to think to hard why all of these Mexican homes require maids. It’s the dusting! All of the clutter requires constant dusting.

The garden

I’ll bet Jorge has a gardener too. There are so many plants that the upkeep looks like a full time job.

We had a nice lunch in another old adobe house. The menu featured traditional Mexican fare like carne asada but also had some regional specialties. I copied Max ordering something that looked an tasted like fried meatloaf. It is a dish that Max would eat with his grandfather back in the ’80s.


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