A Recent Comment to EETimes

Fred Molinari , former CEO of a company called Data Translation just published an article to the EETimes entitled ‘Will We Know the Next Big Thing Before it Arrives?

I replied, “I enjoyed your post; it was thought provoking – thanks. You somewhat postulated midway that the next big thing will have Black Swan style attributes. I would say that is a pretty safe bet. All the big problems seem to be nonlinear.

My personal guess is the next big thing will come from somewhere within biotechnology. My thought is until physicists find the unifying link between the physics of the small (quantum theory) and the physics of the big (aka The Theory of General Relativity) then real progress in electronics is pretty much stalled out for the time being.

That’s not to say that there won’t be advances in tools like AI and quantum computing but that in and of itself merely suggests that we’ve progressed to be more technologically adept at managing and deciphering information; albeit at a much faster rate and in a more meaningful way than we can do today.

The question for me is where will we as scientists and engineers apply those enhanced informational processing capabilities?

If I were a venture capitalist I would be looking to invest in those firms that are working to extend the frontiers of human life.

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