Yes They Did

They most certainly did…although the story is almost too incredible to believe. I burst out laughing when I heard it yesterday.

Two days ago the bad guys (these are the big bad guys, aka cartel) flew a helicopter over the nearby city of Zamora and dumped out hundreds of pamphlets.

The pamphlets had written on them a couple of simple declarative statements: We’re going to clean house. So if you’ve been robbing, burglarizing, extorting or kidnapping we’re coming for you. There is one business in town – ours, drugs – and all the rest of that shit stops.

How freaking insane is that! Did some mobster boss just finish watching some vintage war movie where the allies dropped tracts behind enemy lines to warn the civilians they weren’t the target? And then from a helicopter no less.

PS – Oh, and that guy that was killed almost on my doorstep at 11 am the other morning? He was as it turns out just one of ten men that were murdered in town that day. This guy was killed on a crowded street with an AK-47 of all things. (I just learned about the AK yesterday.)

The person who told me yesterday about the other nine killings said that it probably wasn’t a bad thing. It turns out there have been lots of muggings and robberies here locally, just like Zamora.

Strange as it might sound, it would be nice if these bad guys would finally get it sorted out among themselves and there was just one man (aka gang) left standing. Too many players makes for too much chaos.

Last, I learned on the way back from the Mercado this morning that nobody wants the recently vacated mayor’s job; the last one was assassinated about two weeks ago.

But in spite of all this violence I see and feel this tremendous outpouring of love and kindness. Example, small, but still an example nontheless. The place where I buy my bananas practically forced a bowl of green posole on me. I spend maybe a dollar there a week and they insisted I share their food. And then I got a sandal repaired by Arturo up the street. He refuses always to take my money. I leave a small note anyway and he came around his work station this morning like he was going to chase me down the street to return it.

Mexico continues to amaze me. My daughter asked me in response to the nearby murder if maybe it wasn’t time for me to move back to the states. I replied, “I love this place so I think I’ll stay on a bit longer. And maybe I’ll be forewarned if someone is out to get me. But people here tell me I am okay. Still, there are worse ways to die. This guy didn’t even knew what hit him. He was probably dead before he fell off his scooter. Better a few bullets than an old folks home dying of dementia if you ask me.
There’s an old saying that goes,’When it’s your turn to die, God will see that you’re there’ (at the appointed time in the appointed place). So for me I don’t worry. I am back to leatherworking and life is pretty damn good.”

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