An Update on Yesterday’s Violence

I just returned from talking to one of my oldest friends in town – a person I will leave unnamed.

We talked about yesterday morning. I told him about the 31 bullets/shell casings that the investigators found.

He shrugged and said, “You remember what I told you last time we talked? 31  bullets to kill one guy? These weren’t professionals. They were kids hired by the bad guys.’

He then reminded me of a guy we both knew – very rich, well-liked, connected, and as it turned out, corrupt – that was killed a few months ago. He said, ‘One bullet. At the most two, to make sure. That was the work of professionals.’

But now all the killers – the men – are dead, so now they are using kids. Paying them a salary of less than $100/week and giving them drugs like meth. And if they have to kill ten guys that week, they kill ten guys.

Nobody knows who the bosses are. But the killers are kids.

He showed me a photo on his computer of yesterday’s body. It had maybe 2 bullet holes in it. Where did the other 29 bullets go?

From the photo I could see that he was killed just two doors down from where I live, just slightly around the corner. In fact I can see the shop he was murdered in front of from my rooftop terrace.

The shop he was killed in front of is totally open to the street. It’s a repair shop for motorbikes. The shop across the street from it sells fertilizers and whatnot. It too is totally open to the street.

(Note: The weather here is so perfect that there is no air-conditioning or heating so most of these shops have security awnings that roll up in the morning and stay that way until the shop closes. So there are no doors or windows in a lot of these stores, they are just totally open store fronts.)

Then there are two pharmacies on the adjacent corners. Both are totally open to the street.

This murder happened less than 20 meters from my front door: A block NE of the central plaza. Three blocks from the Mercado. Two blocks from one cathedral and 4 blocks from another; all on the same street.

The plaza is the absolute center of town. From 10 am to 5 pm it is packed with people. So tell me dear reader, what happened to those other 29 bullets? Not a single other person was hurt in the crossfire. And I am still trying to wrap my head around that.

29 bullets. A miracle?

You tell me.


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