Padron 1926 Series

There is nothing I can say about this 7″ X 54 cigar that hasn’t already been said. Padron’s 1926 Series of cigars are among the crown jewels of the entire line up of all non-Cubans. And due to Padron’s strict quality control, their 1926 series arguably stacks up against all but the best Cubans.

Cigar #13
Padron 1926 Series

Delicious. But in all honesty I would rather smoke another one of those small Rocky Patel Sungrown Special Reserve Maduros (5″ X 38) that I had posted on earlier or another one of those powerful 7″ X 50 Liga Privada also mentioned in another post.

What can I say? Cigar preferences are all entirely subjective. The supremely dense, rich and powerful Liga Privada is definitely now in my top ten cigars of all time. And the pervasive chocolaty flavor of the Rocky Patel Sungrown Special Reserve Maduro was beyond amazing.

The Padron was impeccably mature, consistent throughout with that wonderful spiciness. And it was a bold gratifying smoke. But given my druthers, I’d take another Liga Privada any day.

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