Alec Bradley Prensado

Beginning in about 20 minutes I’ll be smoking my first Alec Bradley. This 7″ X 48 smoke is a beauty and it looks like the full-bodied smoke that a 20 second old web search review just spoke to it as.

Good. I need something strong to puff on. The weather appears to be holding with nary a significant cloud buildup in sight so I hope to get through the entire stick sitting outside on my rooftop terrace.

Cigar #12
Alec Bradley Prensado

I’ve managed to always shy away from Alec Bradley products. I remember when they first hit the market 10-15 years ago (or maybe late ’90s). That here was just another guy who wanted to get into the business because cigars at that time were considered cool. And in my opinion he further undermined his credibility by naming the brand after the first names of his two young sons. (Maybe it’s just me – living in Latin America – but I thought that was a bit cheesy.)

But now that I’ve got one in my hands, I have a feeling this is going to be one tremendous cigar.

I’ll give you my two cents worth with my comments tomorrow morning in this same post. Cheers.

The next morning…

The cigar did everything right except express any character. It burned perfectly. Drew well. Had a nice gray symmetrical ash. The flavor started out promising but the cigar never blossomed. I smoked it down to the nub and the flavor characteristics never changed. Typically – as we all know – cigars go through flavor phase changes as the cigar burns and the draw pulls more oils into the cigar.  This one never did. Maybe I just got the odd one out. Who knows? But for my money I’ll stick with something like that tiny Rocky Patel I wrote about earlier or that immense powerhouse, the Liga Privada. Both of those cigars had nuance. And character.

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