A Bad Place to be a Politico

I was standing in my neighbor, Max’s place this morning having a nice chat when his mother walked in accompanied by another neighbor.

She’s holding up her (his?) cellphone with a photo on the screen.

Inwardly I groaned. I hate looking at shit on other people’s phones. I even hate looking at the shit on my phone. Max’s friend, Marco has a penchant for showing me videos he took on his phone. But he did show me one cool one someone else took of a new volcano forming. The bad news is it’s only about 20-30 km. from here. The good news is maybe it’s only a new hot spring and the sputum is just gas and hot mud.

This photo was different. I heard the word ‘assassination’ so I put on my glasses to take a closer look. I see this very close up photo of a guy, face down on a car seat with a bullet hole in his head.

It turns out this isn’t just some guy, it’s our recently murdered mayor. Recent, as in this morning; as in an hour or so ago.

The mayor’s office is literally 5 blocks down my street from where I live. So maybe my neighbor took the photo. (For his sake, I hope not.)

I guess crime scene barriers don’t happen very quick in this part of the world and there are enough assholes now carrying cellphones that someone ducked in for a quick snap before the police arrived.

The guy had only been mayor for something like 6 months. He had been popular with lots of political connections. In fact he passed Max’s shop just yesterday afternoon, smiled and waved to him.

There is going to be some tremendous blowback from this in the next few days. To what extent remains to be seen but I am guessing there will be more of the same.

This guy wasn’t so much elected into the mayor’s office by the people. No. He was in office because he was placed there by the people in power who run things behind the scenes.

This isn’t a good country for those seeking a future as either a politician or journalist. In the case of the former – a nice smile, popularity and political connections won’t necessarily shield you from the deadly crushing weight of opposing power.

In the case of the later, investigative integrity is most certainly a sure way to get yourself seriously killed.

PS – Would I take a photo of a recently murdered guy? Not hell no, but Hell no. There is absolutely no fucking way on this earth would I do something as positively stupid as that. The one and only time I happened onto a recently deceased corpse down here damn near got me shot by the police.

Dead things – just like mamma said – leave ’em be.

Dead people – run. You most certainly don’t stand around and wait for the law to show up because, well you don’t. And you most abso-fucking-lutely don’t take any photos. Guilt by association is very real down here and is judged in the most severe way imaginable by both the good guys ( if you can call the police that) and the bad guys.

This is Darwin’s own playground, if you want to call the devil that.

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