Trying too Hard

I was sitting here at my desk and looking over the latest visual posts at the great lifestyle website, and I came to a rather abrupt conclusion that if by a certain age you haven’t found your own personal style – and much more than that, the essence of your very existence – then you are almost hopelessly lost esp. if you are still still trying on other people’s styles.

As I’ve told my neighbor , Max on more than one occasion, existentialism (in the form of nihilism) – which he still struggles with – is merely a starting point. That’s that lovely point in time where you get to discard all the bullshit you’ve been told and start over, fresh. It’s positively liberating.

And like [most] masturbation – nihilism – is something best given up by fifteen.

So at some point in your life you need to construct your own value system. You need to find your style. You need to find your place in this world.

And hopefully you’ve chosen correctly.

Fashion? Black, white, gray, and navy blue.

Sentiments? Compassion. Sincerity. Honesty.

For all the rest – just let honesty rule.


PS – published a photo of a pair my sandals a couple of years ago. The photo is buried back towards the end but my ‘Italian’ style sandals are there. I’m proud of that. I built the bloody things (and [I] professionally photographed them).

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