Rocky Patel Decade

An absolutely stunning cigar – 6″ X 60 – that I unfortunately forgot to photograph because I had been working multiple projects all afternoon and Cocktail Hour slipped and it was all I could do to get up the roof for a couple of cocktails and a cigar before dark.

This cigar was tremendous. It is right up there with the Liga Privada I raved about in another review. And because it was much more on the stronger side of the legendary OpusX (also covered in another post) I have to say given the choice between the two, I’d rather smoke another RP Decade.

Smooth. Strong. Perfect burn, perfect ash. And the cigar went through all of the obligatory lovely flavor changes as I progressed down the length of the smoke.

Sorry again, I wish I had taken a photo because it was such a beautiful cigar too.

PS – It took close to an hour and a half to smoke which is almost long by half as a typical 6″ stick runs closer to an hour.

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