One More Knife – Part 6

I made some good progress on the knife restoration progress so I thought I’d better document it.

Knife 6.2
Pinned, Glued Up and Clamped

It took 2.5 hours to get the pieces all aligned where the holes matched up enough to get the pins through.

I had done a trial fit up a week or so ago and was surprised that this process took so long.

I made absolutely certain every piece easily fit up together before I applied the epoxy. You don’t want any surprises after you apply the epoxy because that’s when the set up time starts ticking.

So – I now I go it glued, clamped together, and the pins placed.

Tomorrow I hope to get the rough knife finished: unclamped, pins cut to length, then the pins peened to where they flare on each end of the handle thereby fixing them permanently in place.

Knife 6.1
Top View

I got the wood pieces assembled as planned to where the reddish color of the wind grain comes together into a V-shape on the top of the handle. (I am pretty happy with that.)

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