Fuente OpusX Perfection X

I made some serious progress on the knife I was restoring day before yesterday so I decided to fire up the Fuente OpusX Perfection X.

Cigar 5
Fuente OpusX Perfection X

This 6 X 48 cigar is considered by many knowledgeable aficionados to be one of the world’s greatest cigars and smoking one was a great honor – thanks again Mike.

I am not going to write any of my usual taste test blarney because there is nothing that I can say about this great cigar that hasn’t been said better many times before.

It was tremendous and had all of the complexity in flavors that more nuanced and educated reviewers have already said. It was a joy to smoke. Perfect in every way.

My one less than popular observation is – if one follows some of the online distributors and reviews – is that the cigar to a certain extent is the product of marketing genius.

First, it is produced in such limited quantities that demand so overly extends the supply that many retailers limits a buyer to just three sticks.

That is pure genius. So, how could it not be great? The Fuente company saves its absolutely best premium aged tobaccos, uses only their seriously most experience rollers, then cherry-picks the few results that measure up to the highest quality standards possible. Then releases those few and charges accordingly. And the Fuente name – with the OpusX – quite obviously and expectedly takes its place among the pantheon of the greats.


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