Dunhill 1907

This was the very first of the Dunhill brand I have ever smoked and it turned out to be a surprisingly good cigar.

Cigar #4
Dunhill 1907 Toro

I’ve possibly erroneously taken the opinion that brands like Dunhill and Davidoff to be more of a status thing then a real value based product. However in Davidoff’s case, I’ve never read a single decent review anywhere, that comes even close to matching the quality of the product with the price of their cigars. But then again I’ve never smoked a single Davidoff (and reviews can be deceiving).

So this 6″ X 54 Toro came in as a real surprise. Superb construction, perfect draw, even burn, and a lovely white ash with a smooth, harmonious flavor.

I enjoyed every last bit of it.

PS – I read a couple of reviews on the cigar on the web and some dickhead had the absolute gall to whine about the quality and design of the band! A couple of other dickheads (supposed aficionados) out there gave the cigar a 2.5/4.0 rating.

That’s positively absurd. Cigars should be judged within comparable classes. As a general rule, you can’t judge a top-notch $50 Cuban against a $10 stick from the Honduras.

These last five cigars I’ve smoked demonstrates to me that there are some absolutely 4.0 rated cigars being built in places like the Honduras and Nicaragua for the fraction of the price of a Cuban. Yeah, Cuban’s – especially the truly great ones – are in a class by themselves but it is surprising to note that there are a plethora of other great cigars makers out there turning out some truly great smokes.

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