A Savage Plant

A year ago on the combi an old woman gave me a small cutting from one of her cacti and supposedly you’re supposed to make a tea from it because it has medicinal qualities. I suffer from no gastrointestinal complaints but I didn’t want to refuse the gift nor could I  toss out the gift, so I made the mistake of sticking in a pot on rooftop garden.

My Crazy Cactus
Flowering Cactus

Now the crazy damn thing is out of control and trying to take over my entire rooftop. It’s only buried in 3-4″ of soil (in a small pot) but for whatever reason it is intensely happy and hellbound on reproducing itself. I say that because this is the third of four gigantic flowers it has produced and it has two more buds in the waiting.

My huge Aloe Vera – in the distant background – is being overrun and is likely pissed that this presumptuous cactus is encroaching on its territory.

Some days I shake my head in amazed wonderment trying to guess when if ever this plant is going to figure out it has boundaries.

PS – I discovered yesterday when the next bud opened that the flower lasts less than a day.

good cactus flower closeup

I blooms really early in the morning and it closes itself mid-day, never to reopen again.

PPS – This flower is blooming amidst a very large Aloe Vera plant. Part of the producing cactus is that skinny thing running in the background up the wall. It was one of those amazing contradictions in nature that allows such an ugly, skinny common cactus produce such a spectacular and short lived flower.

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