The Liga Privada #9

This was the third cigar I smoked out of the batch that my friend, Mike sent to me just 4 days ago.

Cigar 3
The Liga Privada #9

I will say right out that this cigar is now in my top ten; that list including some of those venerable Cubans I have had the privilege to have smoked. It was an awesome smoke from start to finish. The ash was a perfect white. The cigar burned evenly through out its entire 7″ length. There was a lot of flavor to be had in that 54 ring gauge cigar. It took a full hour and a half to finish it. And finish it I did right down to the nub.

The Liga Privada #9 is probably the most powerful cigar I have ever smoked. Midway through I felt like the top of head had gone missing (but in a good way). By the time I finished I felt stoned and it was a chore to get out of my chair, not mention down a flight of stairs.

But it was tasty, oh so tasty. The whole cigar was like eating a massively huge 2″ thick slice of charred porterhouse steak; a delicious cut of meat that is one of my standards.

With rare exception of a couple of the top of the line Padron Series I have smoked, this is quite possibly the finest non-Cuban cigar out there.

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