EP Carrillo New Wave Reserva

This is the second out of the large batch of cigars I smoked sent to me my most generous and tobacco knowledgeable friend, Mike.

I smoked it last night because I had a street party to attend later and only had time to squeeze in a short smoke, hence the 5″ X 38(?) EP Carrillo New Wave Reserva.

Cigar 2
EP Carrillo New Wave Reserva

I don’t have a lot to say about this particular smoke mostly because I was preoccupied and was in a hurry to get prepared for the street party (actually block party, as it was happening right in front of my house). So this situation was a little like the time Mike sent me some cigars while my daughter was visiting. I intended to write lengthy reviews on all the smokes but my daughter over ran my time.

But I will tell you what I remember about this particular cigar. It took a little less than an hour to smoke (which was perfect). It was marvelously constructed, it burned and drew perfectly and what was most memorable about this cigar was I hit this spot – maybe half way in where it achieved this wonderful balance of smoothness. I as a general rule prefer much stronger cigars but this one while on the mid to mild side had a balance that few cigars ever achieve. Usually cigars burn through phases: the first inch tastes one way, then there is the mid-section which tastes entirely different, then the tail piece tastes different yet.

This cigar, while it had one especially outstanding piece of extremely balanced flavor still managed to carry most of the same kind of balance throughout the entire smoke. And I smoked it down to the nubbin’.


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