Rocky Patel Special Edition

I smoked this bad boy last night and contrary to the review I read on the web this morning it was anything but medium bodied; it was one immensely strong SOB.

Cigar 1 (2)

This is the first cigar I have ever smoked in my life that smelled like dark chocolate tastes. The wrapper was flawless and it, and all of the tobacco it combined, gave new meaning to the color tobacco brown.

A gorgeous cigar. It burned well. It had a nice ash. Great – although somewhat (tiny) tight – on the draw but that probably was because it was one incredibly dense cigar. It felt heavy in my hand and I liked that. It was a cigar of substance.

The flavor was strong and rich. I don’t want to get all artsy here but it tasted at times between the deepest of black espresso and the darkest chocolate I have ever eaten.

Smoking time for this 6″ X 60 ring gauge cigar was close to an hour and a half. A surprisingly long time for a 6″ cigar until you factor in how incredibly dense this cigar was.

It was a beauty and a pleasure to smoke.

PS – This isn’t a beginner’s cigar. By the time I finished, it seemed like part of the top of my head was missing. (But I liked that.)

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