Small Miracles

It has been my experience that the more aware one is of the presence of small miracles in one’s life, the more often they occur. Why? Because I feel blessed. And I believe that blessings (and thankfulness) begets more blessings.

Let me give you an example. This morning I was walking down the street when I heard someone behind me shout my name. I turned and saw a smiling face about a half block away so I waited for this person to catch up.

We exchanged the usual Mexican three-way handshake and traded pleasantries. He was on his way to work and I was on my way to the big Mercado on the edge of town who always has the best price on beer. When we parted, he gave me another big smile and left me with a heart felt, ‘God bless you.’

I hadn’t seen this young man in several months (maybe a year) so I shouted back and asked him his name as he was walking away.

He turned, smiling once more, and said ‘Jesus’.

A few steps later I realized the incredulousness of the situation after catching on to the fact that he had pronounced his name in the English fashion – Jesus – not in the traditional Spanish manner of Jesús.

I’ve met many a Jesús in my life; but they’ve always pronounced their name in the Spanish way. As in always. This was the first time ever a Jesús pronounced his name in the biblical English way.

I walked away thinking, ‘Who’s to say that wasn’t the real Jesus, or an angel in disguise?’ Or at the very least, the blessing didn’t come directly from God himself?

Tell me human, do you ever have thoughts like these?

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