One More Knife – Part 5

I got another part of the knife restoration process completed today and it was potentially the most difficult and that was getting the two wood pieces shaped to fit the blade’s handle.

The cutting and shaping – while difficult – wasn’t the critical piece to this part of the process. It was the matching of the grains, cutting both pieces of wood to match up grain wise as how it will appear when the knife is finally assembled.

WP_20170719_14_51_21_Rich (2)
Side Grain View


But because neither sides of the knife will be seen at the same time, the most critical view of the wood of the knife’s handle with be seen from the top, as one is using the blade to cut or chop.

Top Grain View


Here you can see a couple of important points. First, is that the golden colors of the wood grain merge into kind of a V shape. I feel pretty proud that we got this right. If the wood have been cut another way – without this top view in mind – the grains would have mismatched (and clashed).

Another important thing to note is that the bloody holes line up! And, I was able to find right diameter fasteners which was no easy task either.

There is still a lot of work to do but so far the project is rocking along.


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