Dead Dogs

I have two things to say on the subject and I will begin with the first which will lead to the other.

First. Some asshole dumped a load of garbage on the side of the canal – on my dirt running road – and part of his garbage was his recently dead dog which he/they left more or less in the center of the road.

This is the same road a couple of years back I found a dead human body on but at least his killers had the decency to push most of the body into the canal proper.

So finding dead things on this road doesn’t really come as a surprise but I must confess that it is beginning to severely harsh my mellow.

No one – and I mean no one – will [ever] move that dead dog out of the road. It will stay there until it rots. And the stink and decay is going to be there for the next 2 months until nature aided by a few tractor tires will grind it back into the dust from where it came.

The dead dog is 100 meters from the turn around point of my run and because I do two loops it means not just do I have to alter my run but more importantly the mere fact that dead dog is there takes away my peaceful easy feeling and turns it to shit. My runs are now making me have angry thoughts and whoever left that dead dog in the middle of the road (not to mention a big pile of garbage) deserves the same fate and I hope the motherfucker gets what’s coming to him sooner rather than later.


I watched a video this morning where the narrator was suggesting that Microsoft was going to abandon its flagship line of phones (The Lumia 950/950XL) because a) Microsoft will want to distance themselves from that failing brand and b) that 2 years for a smartphone was EOL (End of Life) anyway.

What an absolutely, shortsighted, miss-the-boat, complete dumb ass motherfucker. And he provides one extremely shallow tunnel view analysis of the future. If Satya Nadella – CEO of Microsoft – sees it the same way then he is not the visionary that Microsoft needs if they are to survive as one of the technology leaders going into this next critical decade. (Do you sense my dead dog driven anger here?)

The first mistake this video commentator made regarding EOLing the Lumia 950/950XL is that Microsoft’s next move with Windows 10 doesn’t have a damn thing to do with any specific phone, it’s all about what running in the phone and that’s the ARM SoC (System on a Chip); specifically the Qualcomm line of Snapdragon SoCs.

And if Nadella thinks like this dumb ass commentator that we all discard our $500 – $800 smartphones every two years then he is one dumb ass sonofabitch too. But I don’t think he is.

That discard strategy is one of the two things that drove me away from Android. Those bastards quit upgrading the OS to the Nexus 7 (one of their flagship devices) – released in 2013 – in mid-2015. That’s only 2.5 years of OS support. I said, ‘fuck that’, that’s enough of Google’s Android for me.

Microsoft must make the newest version – the Qualcomm ARM version – not just compatible – but released to all past qualified versions of the SoC – for three very important reasons.

First. Complete loss of faith. If Microsoft ditches Windows 10 Mobile without an upgrade path to the full version of Windows 10 (ARM/x86) then they will be telling the world they can’t be trusted. They caught hell for killing the Windows 7 phone and Windows 10 RT. They can’t do it again without losing total credibility.

Which sort of introduces the second reason why the new OS must be backward compatible (Qualcomm Snapdragon 835-821-820-810) and that is Microsoft sales reps won’t be able to sell the corporate world the premise that if they want Windows 10 running across every one of their platforms then they must buy each and everyone of their employees a brand new phone built with only with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

The final and biggest reason why the new OS must be backward compatible is all about market share. Since the advent of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 – or maybe even before that version – Qualcomm has been shipping upwards of a billion of these SoCs per year year that power everything from phones to tablets to laptop lites (Chrome based web browsing machines) and Microsoft isn’t going to dominate the mobile market unless it can be run on some of these slightly older devices. And we’re talking billions of existing devices here.

Microsoft tried on three other occasions (Windows 7 phone, Windows RT, and now Windows 10 Mobile) to enter the mobile market and failed. Why? Because they were only forward facing and also had absolutely nothing new to offer mobile users.

Now imagine the opposite – a Microsoft rep going into a Big 10 Corporation X meeting with a presentation which includes upgrading every existing employees’ phone to Windows 10 to that same OS version that runs on their desktop. Oh, and they can do it for a cheap nominal per set license fee.

What is management going to think? Wow! We can lower our management and security costs if every employee’s device is running the exact same OS and can be secured the exact same way.

If so, then Microsoft’s new version of Windows 10, now running on 500 million (or a billion) x86 devices, plus it will run on another couple of a billion legacy Qualcomm devices.

And how many consumer users out there are majorly pissed like I was that Android’s latest OS (Cupcake or some other stupidly named OS) won’t run on their 2 year old mobile device? And to upgrade and run Cupcake necessitates the purchase of a totally new device. Fuck that.

Windows 10 (x86) is running just fine on a 7 year old way underpowered laptop (original single core Atom with 2Gb of RAM) that I own and Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit still powers my workstation: that OS was released in 2009 and will be fully supported until 2020.

There is no second place in the computer technology business. A company must own 85% of its market share or die fighting its way to the table for the scraps.

Microsoft must own the entire spectrum of devices – mobile to desktop (up to and including servers) – or ARM (via companies like Qualcomm) running some version of Linux/Android will steadily erode their x86 dominance.


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