A Thought on Mobile Technology

I just finished watching a short but great YouTube video entitled, ‘Why Technology is Irresistible’ ; where Scott Galloway discusses with Adam Alter, Adam’s new book, Irresistible’.

I’ve personally never found mobile apps or social media particularly engaging and quite frankly was interested in what all the fuss was all about so I watched the video.

The key takeaways were:

  • Brazil is number one in the world where many of its citizens spend on average 5 hours per day gazing at their smartphones.
  • The smartphone devices are addictive for four primary reasons – 1) The ‘rewards’ are intermittent and irresistible. 2) Apps with inbuilt social networking (Instagram, Facebook) is all about providing constant feedback. 3) That same feedback in the way of ‘likes’ produces dopamine in the brain much like heroin. 4) Building cliffhangers and goals into apps are two other means to promote this addictivity.
  • And lastly, tech titans like Steve Jobs recognized the fact that ‘screens bring everything to you but ask nothing in return’ so many of them send their children to schools that encourage other types of learning (like those that include reading real books) because of these 4 factors the video discussion highlighted.

After watching the video I’ve come to realize more than ever what it is that I love about technology and it has nothing to do with any of the above.

I own a smartphone because it is essentially a computer that fits in your pocket. My smartphone – the Lumia 950 XL – has the following features: 150GB inbuilt storage, 3GB RAM, an octa-core (as in eight core) processor, it will drive an HDMI big screen monitor, runs Windows 10 (Mobile), and supports peripheral devices like addition external storage (SDDs/HDDs), a full size keyboard, and an external mouse.

And the damn thing even makes phone calls (as in it supports dual SIMs).

This 6″ smartphone contains all of my photographs (20GB), all of my music (50GB), and everything I’ve ever written: 2.5 novels, 231,000 words (Word doc) of my first blog, and another 100,000 words (Word doc) of this current blog. Plus it has a ton of other stuff on it including 100s of pages in jpeg format of all 21 of my travel journals.

And it’s all encrypted.

It used to be I had to lug a laptop around. Now it’s just this one small device.

Do I spend hours a day on it?

Hell no. I write and watch videos and whatnot at home on a full sized workstation I built a few years ago which has even more impressive specs and capacity. So I reserve the phone for traveling.

PS – I feed my computer. It doesn’t feed me.

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