Do Your Job – Part 13 (Follow Up)

The carpenter finished – finally. He did only about 90% of the job right, so I find myself somewhat ambivalent this afternoon concerning the desire to make drastic and violent worldwide reductions in the human population.

However I am still feeling less than apathetic towards the carpenter. While I would have gleefully murdered him yesterday, today – now that he’s out of my home and hopefully out of my life forever – I feel less inclined towards personally meting out some harsh Darwinian justice. But I do confess that I am still somewhat of the mind to think a simple yet prolonged beating would be appropriate.

No. It’s not my house. That’s the problem. If it were I could have just fired the useless bastard. But then again, now that I think about it, that’s just flaccid modern western thinking at work.

But I’m in Latin America for crying out loud,  a place where merely insulting someone can get a person seriously killed. So surely my sense of justice and subsequent desire for punishment – given the geography in this particular case – is not completely unwarranted. Besides letting someone go – as in firing them – even for outright gross and negligent incompetence is so 5th century Greek BC thinking anyway.

Now the Romans by comparison took their discipline seriously. And no, I am not talking about feeding this lazy, inept and wasteful carpenter to the lions. (Besides there aren’t any lions here). However, on the other hand tragic accidents happen all the time down here and most times can simply be explained away, especially if accompanied by a few pesos. This is Mexico after all.

I didn’t invent violence nor did I invent clumsiness. And there is that twenty meter rule in rock climbing. Fall from that height and it’s lethal. I reckon falling from a five story rooftop onto asphalt is, well – or does – follow that same general rule. And slippery, sloped rooftops can be tricky: where an unapparent negligent nudge – followed by a screaming plunge – could easily be viewed later as clumsiness. Or in this case, in the country of  Mexico, seen as just plain bad luck.

But – ahh! I am letting my imagination run wild.

I don’t have to punish this man.

Life will do that for me.

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