Do Your Job – Part 13

I must have done at least a dozen posts as the mexsandalguy on this subject. And frankly I am tired of writing about it. But even more so, I am tired of being on the receiving end of it.

I’ll say it again: I am not prejudiced against color, religion, sexual orientation, or anything involving – up to and including – abnormal relationships with your pets or any other bizarre fetishes you might enjoy . So I would never (ever) deny you the privilege to express your originality however nonsocial or hideously embarrassing your individual aberration(s) might be. (Although I might prefer it if you keep some of that stuff quietly to yourself.)

But… but there is one certain thing about the occasional person that firmly and undeniably pisses me off – that one thing I am truly, angrily and aye, murderously prejudiced against – and that’s incompetence. And I’ll expand upon that in two ways.

The first is, if you open your mouth and voice an opinion on something big like God, politics, or war then you’d better be prepared to follow up on that opinion with a compelling argument that supports your viewpoint.

Using Christianity [again] as a prime example – if you haven’t read the book, then don’t presume to tell me about the meaning or the contents of the book. That makes sense doesn’t it? That’s classic book club stuff, right?

Second – war. There used to be a rather popular bumpersticker back in the ’70s that proclaimed that ‘War Is Not The Answer.’ That is so patently absurd that I want to pull my hair out just thinking about the ridiculousness of it. Why? Because sometimes war is the answer.

I believe it was Clausewitz who said, ‘‘War is nothing but a continuation of politics with the admixture of other means.”

From my point of view, war is one those truly grandiose multidimensional problems; just like poverty, world hunger and [yes] even quantum mechanics where there is oftentimes more than one answer. It all depends on the specificity of the question.

I’ll have to paraphrase my next quote where the physicist, John Wheeler once said something to the effect that reality (as in the nature of the universe) might only be discovered by the questions we put to it.

Sticking with my paradigm – turn a multidimensional problem sideways and look at it from a slightly different, less traditional perspective and you’ll discover that there can be multiple – and sometimes conflicting – valid answers to the same problem.

But there is no validity to be found anywhere – nor even a rock to hide under – for any form of incompetence.

If you don’t work, or if you can’t (or don’t) do your job – then from my highly prejudicial perspective – and to steal a quote here from yet another (and my favorite ever)  bumpersticker – “Make the World a Better Place: Kill Yourself.”

Really. I am serious. You are a waste of resources. Oxygen – plentiful as it is – deserves to be immediately reallocated somewhere else if you can’t do something as simple as your own job.

Case in point. I much wanted to throw a carpenter from the 5th floor rooftop of my building today but managed to restrain myself. He had made two prior visits to my house to assess a small stairwell roof replacement job so he was well aware that a) the rooftop doorway was narrow and b) the work was on the 5th. Fucking. Floor.

So what did I catch him trying to do? Lift an entire 4′ X 8′ X 1/2″ sheet of plywood from the street level up the side of the building using a 100′ electrical extension cord.

An electrical cord. A freaking electrical cord. That’s Moron with a capital M. Better said – Lazy, Incompetent Moron.

And on top of everything else he was late. He wasted both Thursday and Friday of last week, then wasted today. And he will waste my entire day tomorrow.

Why? Because he is the walking, talking, breathing dummy that is the sheer personification of incompetence. And he’s too stupid and indifferent to fucking care.

Seriously. It is only the prison time that will keep me from killing him tomorrow.

I am not joking. I have no more respect for his life then he does for my time. I would pitch his sorry ass off my roof in a heartbeat if I knew I would get away with it.

Seriously. The world would be a better place if he weren’t in it.

PS – And if I were king of the world, the population would quickly diminish to something like about 20% of its current, unsustainable level.

And my simple metric for live or die would be, ‘Can you do your job or not?’

I am not evil my friend. I am just practical to the point of recognizing that some homicides indeed are justifiable.

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