If you’re not jealous then it means you are ignorant. But that’s okay. After all it’s only 19 liters of pure distilled mescal. Leave me a comment about your great trip to Cancun or read a book or two about mescal/tequila distillation processes so that you can argue techniques, tastes, and other specifics.

I was joking – don’t bother. Because that one trip to Mexico or all your book-reading doesn’t give you: squat – knowledge wise.

Example. If I was a visitor to Scotland (which I have been) but then pompously presumed to preach to the locals on one whisky’s virtue vs. another they’d either piss themselves laughing, or beat the shit out of me.

Justifiably so.

Never walk into another man’s world and presume an experience you can’t possess.

However, I humbly present to you a product so pure that it should make a drinking man weep with happiness.

19 Liters of freshly distilled mescal

Yeah, yeah. I am not going to try and over carry the argument with lots of food/booze/NYC food jargon.  But I will say this isn’t the mescal that got you puking on your first trip to Mexico nor will I say this is the smokey worm drowned mescal – like Cusano Rojo – you tripped out on in college.

All shit. Pure Shit.

This mescal is the real deal and embarrassingly I must say it tastes ‘veggie’. It has a surprisingly fruity organic flavor. It is a surprising tasty distilled beverage made from not one but three different species of agave.

I’ve drunk enough of both the good stuff and the bad stuff to tell the difference.

PS – I don’t care where you are: Tuscany, Provence or Morocco – flavor and authenticity  always wins the day.

PPS  – You’d kill for this ‘fruity’ mescal. At $12.50 per liter it is a bargain. But the rub is is that you’d have to know someone like me. (And more importantly, they’d have to like you…) For instance, you don’t wander in off the beach and find a mescal (or a tequila) of this quality.

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