Find the Beauty

That’s my new mantra.

Yeah, I’ll still have moments where my critical nature comes out but that’s part of who I am; bad design and ill-conceived ideas are an anathema to me.

But I’ve recently decided to spend more time accentuating the positive by searching out those particular beauties that lie hidden in plain sight.

That’s right – the beauty that exists in everyday things. The beauty we so often overlook because we are so often so damned preoccupied with either obsessing over the past or worrying about the future to notice what exists in that magical moment of now.

This isn’t a particularly new idea because I have long been conscious of what I have come to call those ‘little miracles’, which are nothing more than those minor mostly inexplicable items or events that chiefly go unnoticed yet pop up from time to time, serving to bless us in some quiet way.

It has been my experience that the more aware – and thankful – I am of these minor blessings, the more they occur.

The poet, Ezra Pound exclaimed in the opening verse to ‘Cino’ – “Bah! I have sung women in three cities, It is all the same; I will sing of the sun.”

That sentiment is somewhat tangential to my new found preoccupation but yet I believe it expresses a rather profound discovery about the hidden nature of true beauty and in doing contrasts the ephemeral versus the ethereal.

I am posting a note on my door – Look for the Beautiful. Search among the Leaves. Lift the Stones. Uncover the Hidden. In that Direction True Joy lies.

PS – Someone once said, ” It’s not what you look at that matters. It is what you see.”

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