The Problem is –

– is that we know what the problem is.

And to say it again – yes, we know what the problem(s) is. In fact there are numerous overlapping problems. And [again], that’s not the issue at hand here – and that’s not what is pissing me off.

what is govt

what the govt is 2

what the govt is 3

I don’t disagree with any of these problem statements. But what pisses me off should be pretty obvious to you by now; after all I have just given you three examples.

Hint: Problem statements are generally useless – not to mention annoying – unless they are followed by a proposed solution.

PS – We all have friends, family members, and colleagues who gripe [sometimes continuously] about problems and shit in the world that doesn’t work. For instance, my mother’s friend, Wayne was so obsessed with world news he consequently gave his daily (and weary) significant  pronouncements on the subject which amounted to no more than how we were all going to hell in a handbasket.

Not very useful.

My opinion has been for years (and years) is to just shut the fuck up unless you can propose a solution to the problem; or problems.

So, big government is problem – but how do we fix it? War is insane – but  – again – merely recognizing the insanity of war (and all its implications) does little to fix it.

What I heard on an underground radio station in Austin, Texas some 30 years ago suggested that what ‘the people needs is a revolution’.

Fine. But how does one go about that? In quite possibly the most over looked greatest  band ever, Ten Years After, in their seminal album – A Space in Time – asked, “I’d love to change the world…but I don’t know what to do.”

So true.

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